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CH Dream Max An Apple A Day
CH Dream Max An Apple A Day
CH Xanthous Strawberry Fields Forever
CH Xanthous Strawberry Fields Forever



Dream Max An Apple A Day 

Jazzman's Da Capo  Siatham Raynor  Standfast Augustus 
Mulfield Gyposophila Of Siatham 
Jako's Hope  Beeangee Jazz Man 
Festival's Piquante 
Eplepai av Vervik  Tottelina Observer  Blakesley Cromwell 
Dream Max Pulp Fiction 
Dasty Golden Daffodil  Lovehayne Darter  
Dasty Human Touch 
Xanthous Strawberry Fields Forever  Gatchells Man of Honour  Golmas Governor  Marjamez My Guy at Rossgilde 
Golmas Grace N Favour 
Gatchells Royal Orchid Perrimay Hugo Of Fenwood 
Gatchells Maid for Music 
Xanthous Promise  Gunhills Over The Moon  Channri Country Squire 
Gunhills Darby 
 Born To Be of the Hellacious Acres Standfast Angus 
Westley Cathrina 

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